CND SPA Gardenia Woods Scrub & Lotion

During the last couple of months or so I’ve tried on a CND SPA series from CND named Gardenia Woods. The two products that are included in this series are a scrub and a lotion. These products can not only be used for your hands but also for your feet and for the rest of your body. There are three different scents in this series, Gardenia woods (the one that I’ve tried on), Bright Citron and Sugar Vanilla.

CND SPA Gardenia Woods Scrub

The scrub has a exfoliating effect, leaving the skin soft. The exfoliation remove the dead skin cells and because of the nourishing base of the scrub, you won’t actually need to moisturize your skin right after the scrub. The softening ingredients are a couple of oils, jojoba and argan oil.

CND SPA Gardenia Woods Lotion

Having a similar pleasant scent as the scrub, this lotion can be used as a moisturizer for the entire body. I’ve only used it on my hands though, but I certainly wouldn’t mind using it on my body too.

The nourishing ingredients in this lotion are olive oil, honey, lime, camomile and sandal tree.

Final thoughts

I definitely needed to upgrade my scrub and lotion wardrobe and these two products are certainly keepers. I love the smell and I love the soft feeling after the application.

I used them separately, because I just didn’t feel the need to moisturize after using the scrub. I think it’s because of the active, moisturizing ingredients in the scrub.

CND Sweden

For more information about these products, visit the CND Sweden site.



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  1. March 15, 2018 / 6:21 am

    Framför allt scruben låter intressant tycker jag, tror att mina händer skulle må bra av lite peeling:)