CND Vinylux Jellied

Even if it doesn’t feel that way, spring is definitely on its way. Can you tell this from looking at my nails? I’ve got a sweet pastel to show to you today and it’s the pale yellow CND Vinylux Jellied.

Yes, I’m wearing it right now even if I should have waited for Easter to wear it. I couldn’t wait though :P

Chic Shock

CND Vinylux Jellied comes from CNDs upcoming spring collection named Chic Shock. It’s a four pieces collection in soft pale spring inspired colors that look like candy on my nails. The collection is inspired by the south Korean K-pop culture that I must admit I know nothing about, but that seems to be very pastel-y. Well, as you know I love pastels so I’m more than happy to see this collection.

The Chic Shock collection is available in the stores from the 3rd of April.

CND Vinylux Jellied

Yellows are usually difficult to apply, but not this one. For a tiny second I was about to think this polish was a one coat wonder. But despite its very nice coverage and very even first coat, I did need a second coat for the polish to cover completely. Two coats for a yellow is still very good.

CND Sweden

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CND Vinylux Jellied

CND Vinylux Jellied



  1. March 28, 2018 / 5:06 pm

    Ett jättesött lack, detta blir jag lite sugen på:) Formulan låter ju över förväntan bra för ett gult lack dessutom. Jag tycker att det känns väldigt mycket som vår faktiskt, solen har lyst som bara den här de senaste dagarna. Det är visserligen kallt fortfarande men våren känna ändå som ett faktum:)

  2. March 29, 2018 / 7:12 pm

    Ooh la la, that’s so sweet and pretty :)