Nfu oh 68

While trying to decide which foil I should order from the ColorClub’s FOILED- Metallic Shades Collection and while most of the ColorClub’s foils are sold out at TransDesign I remembered I have Nfu-Oh 68, a beautiful purple foil that I got last summer when I bought most of my Nfu-oh polishes.  How could I forgot about this one! It’s so sparkling, so dazzling in the sun!

Great application, great formula and great drying time on this one too. I can’t believe the polishes are so good these days regarding both the formula and the drying time. I have two coats on in the pictures below. The first picture is taken in the shade,  the second in the sun.

Nfu oh 068 - picture taken in the shade

Nfu oh 068 - picture taken in the shade

Nfu oh 068 - sunlight

Nfu oh 068 - sunlight



  1. September 9, 2011 / 7:54 pm


  2. September 9, 2011 / 10:34 pm

    That’s just beautiful!

  3. September 9, 2011 / 11:08 pm

    This is incredible! Do I detect a little duo-chrome action going on here?

  4. September 10, 2011 / 3:25 am


  5. September 10, 2011 / 4:40 am

    Aurora: It is, isn’t it?

    Gotham Polish: I’m sorry, I don’t think it’s duochrome.

    Amy: :)