Minimalist nails

So, I had this urge the other day to do some minimalist nail art, and while the idea was to do something quick, not all minimalist nails are quick, unless your freehanding skills are fantastic, or you’re doing dots. The trick is to let those layers of polishes dry long enough in order to be able to place that tape on the nail to be able to have that sharp line between the color blocks. Because if you don’t wait long enough, you’ll be lifting the background polish together with the tape! That’s why you’ll need to wait!

Patience, my friends, that’s the secret!

But then you’ll have those perfectly straight lines that are almost a must for such a manicure! Finish it with some metallic studs and you’re done!

I added a mattifying top coat, because I love that matte effect, but the shiny version is pretty too. No picture of that down below though, so you’ll have to trust me ;)

Minimalist nails