Pink Gellac Funky Teal

I have one of the prettiest polishes left from Pink Gellac to show you today. This is Pink Gellac Funky Teal, and it’s sparkling gorgeously. I mean, it’s really, really stunning. The polish is also quite opaque in itself so you could get away with using one single coat if you want to. A second coat will give you extra depth, extra sparkles and a more durable manicure. I used a couple of coats for this manicure.

While the color isn’t exactly “summer” I think it’s a great break from all the summery shades that I’ve been wearing during the last month or so. I’m also thinking vacation right now (even if it’s a month or so left) because these polishes should last a couple of weeks.

Pink Gellac Funky Teal could be found here on Pink Gellac’s homepage.

Pink Gellac Funky Teal

Pink Gellac Funky Teal


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  1. June 4, 2018 / 5:21 am

    Det ser fantastiskt ut med det skimret!<3