Pink Gellac Fuchsia Red

Today I have another red polish to show you, this time Pink Gellac Fuchsia Red. This is  a gel polish that has to be cured with a LED lamp. It usually takes 1 minute to cure each layer of the polish, including the topcoat, which actually finishes the manicure. Without the topcoat, you won’t have that shiny surface and the surface will feel sticky.

I’ve applied a couple of coats of Pink Gellac Fuchsia Red and that’s more than enough to deepen the shade, and what a beautiful shade this is! Definitely perfect for this time of the year!

If you want to start using these kinds of polishes you’ll need to start by getting a starter kit that includes all kinds of goodies, like a primer, a base, a topcoat and of course a LED-lamp. You’ll also get a color with the starter kit.

The color I’m wearing right now, Pink Gellac Fuchsia Red can be found here. Also you can visit Pink Gellac to see their selection of colors.

Pink Gellac Fuchsia Red

Pink Gellac Fuchsia Red


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  1. May 23, 2018 / 6:15 pm

    I’m not quite sure that I agree with the “fuchsia” in the name, but it’s a lovely polish nonetheless :)