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Today I want to talk to you about CND Cuticle Eraser. The name of this product sounds like a cuticle remover and it kind of is, but works slightly different than the cuticle removers that I’m used to. It’s actually a cuticle cream that has peeling effects because of its natural AHA ingredients that come from citrus and glycol among other things.

The result on my cuticles didn’t come right away and that made me research about this cream a little more. People use it every day (some of them three times a day!), many of them going through tube after tube loving the exfoliating effect.

Then I started using it daily, applying it on my cuticles regardless of if I had a polish on or not. The result came pretty fast in form of softer cuticles without the dead skin that grows at the base of your cuticles. So it is a cuticle remover that works when using it on a regular basis.

CND Cuticle Eraser – The ingredients

At a closer look at the ingredients, the formula of CND Cuticle Eraser includes vitamin E, glycol, pro-vitamin B5, Aloe Barbadensis and apricot oil. I can spot some hydrating and nourishing ingredients there among these ingredients.

After using this creme for a couple of weeks, I’m pretty sure I’m going to get another tube of this as soon as this one is empty. It’s when you use it continuously over time that you really get the benefits of this cuticle remover.

CND has recently released the CND Cuticle Eraser in a new package with a design that harmonizes with the rest of the nail care series that they provide.

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CND Cuticle Remover


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  1. March 7, 2018 / 6:30 am

    Det låter som en spännande produkt, jag ska hålla utkik efter den!