Roundup for September 2014

September was kind of different from the rest of the year when I only did nail arts and some guest posts at While I love nail art, I’m kind of happy this month is over so I can show you some the beautiful polishes that are just waiting for me to share with you. I’ve got some indies, I’ve got some mainstream brands like Ciaté and Revlon where I’ll try to do my best to show you not only the polishes but the other make ups that I have from Revlon. Revlon is coming to in the middle of October and I’m so happy to finally have Revlon in Sweden! September started with the release of my nail art book “Basic Nail Art Techniques and how to combine them” which I’m so happy to have completed!


September’s features have been at where I’ve showed polishes from Ciaté, OPI, Teeez and nail decorations from Make Up Store. The Ciaté guest post was my favorite because I just love fall shimmers right now! I’ve also loved the negative space nail art, I think I’ll have to try to do that again soon!

During September I’ve also been featured at Nail-Envy with one of my Galaxy Nails nail arts.

Nail Art

Well, choosing my favorites from this month was not easy at all considering the fact that I had 34 nail arts to choose from :D I ended up with these three nail arts in the end:

Favorite Nail Arts Sept 2014

Favorite Nail Arts Sept 2014


Considering the fact that I’ve almost only showed nail arts it’s kind of difficult to have a top three of favorites among the polishes. One polish did stand out though during this month and that is the gorgeous Earth Matters from SpaRituals that I’ve received from Emma in the beginning of the month! That polish is a real gem in my collection and I’m so happy to be the owner of it <3

31DC2014 - Day 17 Glitter

31DC2014 – Day 17 Glitter



  1. October 4, 2014 / 7:21 am

    Du har gjort så mycket fin nail art i september! Och vad roligt att du gillar Earth Matters så:) Det gör jag också, den är riktigt läcker:)

  2. October 4, 2014 / 9:31 pm

    Otroligt många snygga nail art precis som alltid :) Du är super duktig