Mavala – Cobalt Blue

When it comes to intense blues, Cobalt blue colors are among my favorites! There is something special about the intensity of colors like this! Today’s polish is called Cobalt Blue (that is such a great name for a color like this). Cobalt Blue makes me think of one of my favorite blues in this range, Blue My Mind from H&M. The polish comes from a newly released collection “Techni color’s” and was easy to apply, covering in two coats.

The polish comes from

Mavala-  Cobalt Blue

Mavala- Cobalt Blue



  1. June 24, 2014 / 7:36 pm

    Himla härlig färg!

  2. June 24, 2014 / 8:20 pm

    Dang look at that rich blue! It looks perfect with that glossy finish. Intense is the right word!

  3. June 24, 2014 / 9:25 pm

    Holy polish-cow!!!!! Totally mindblowing, love it on you hon xxx

  4. June 24, 2014 / 9:47 pm

    oh this blue looks so pure and beautiful! I’ll buy it if I see it, and by the way the color reminded me of Dior’s Sailor from their Summer 2014 make up collection. only yesterday I was looking at Sailor, I didn’t buy it tho I was pretty much inclined to :)

  5. June 25, 2014 / 4:21 am

    Superhärlig färg, så intensiv och läcker!

  6. June 25, 2014 / 4:49 am

    Wow, that is a really stunning blue – I love the shine too! :)

  7. June 25, 2014 / 8:45 am

    I was looking for this polish last week like a crazy person. I went to three different cosmetics stores which sell Mavala and couldn’t find it! I had to settle for Bleu Majorelle by Yves Saint Laurent, but still want this one. LOL
    Gorgeous swatch! :-D

  8. June 25, 2014 / 7:25 pm

    My type of blue too!! I did a comparison today of cobalt blue polishes (just for myself for now) and my favorite ended up being Blue Grape from Barry M :D

  9. June 25, 2014 / 11:41 pm

    Mums vilken underbar färg :) Kul att det är från ett märke som är lätt att få tag i å har ett helt ok pris

  10. July 5, 2014 / 8:23 pm

    This is my kind of blue, love it! :)