This is my first polish I’m trying from Mentality and I really love the look of it! It’s one of those light polishes that dries matte and now when spring is on it’s way these are the kind of colors I’m mostly drawn to :) Two easy and quick drying coats is what I’m wearing in the pictures below. I was actually considering wearing it matte because of the velvet feeling and look of the polish but then I wanted to do a nail art on top of it so I decided to topcoat it! It looks lovely topcoated too and I’m not that sure what I prefer :D

Mentality - Elizabeth

Mentality – Elizabeth

Mentality - Elizabeth - topcoated

Mentality – Elizabeth – topcoated

Today it’s also time to do the second challenge from the February Nail Art Challenge by the instagram profile @californails and the challenge is Polka Dots! I’ve always wanted to do black polka dots on a peach colored background so I saw my opportunity and grabbed it :D The black in Nordic Cap NP12 and the hot pink is ORLY – Passion Fruit.

Mentality Elizabet is coming from Edgy Polish.