Zoya Valerie and Nfu oh 51

I decided to pimp Zoya Valerie up a little bit. Not because it’s not beautiful on it’s own, but because I thought Zoya Valerie and Nfu-oh 51 would be a perfect match. Nfu-oh 51 is a beauty on it’s own too (I’ll have to show you this one some day) so how does these two go together?

Very well, I think! I love the combination. You can see Zoya Valerie’s pink glitter shining through the Nfu-oh’s somewhat sheer purple base with flakes that are changing colors from pink to green in the shade.

Zoya and Nfu-oh in the sunlight

Zoya and Nfu-oh in the sunlight


Zoya and Nfu-oh in the shade

Zoya and Nfu-oh in the shade



  1. September 13, 2011 / 6:57 pm

    These are some amazing close-ups! She is still in my untrieds, but not for long ;)

  2. September 13, 2011 / 8:13 pm

    Fabulous colors! Great pictures, too!

  3. September 14, 2011 / 3:39 am


  4. September 14, 2011 / 4:19 am

    Freshie: Thank you! Try her, she looks good!
    Amanda: Thank you!
    Amy: Thank you!

  5. September 15, 2011 / 8:13 pm

    it’s beautifull !